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Choreography for Scenography


video installation & Peformance  duration 10min(3,4,23 Nov)

Interprétation | Masumi INOUE+Moeko ISHIGURO​

Location|former Natsuyuki NAKANISHI Atelier,

Otsuki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture

This building, which Natsuyuki NAKANISHI※used for his atelier, was originally built as a textile factory. He rented this building and renovated an upstairs balcony and a white wall for his own work. The upstairs balcony overlooked the whole downstairs. When I stood on the balcony, I felt like I was in a theater. Moeko ISHIGURO and Me started from the idea of "theatricality" and considered how to respond to this space. In this work, we used our bodies to find the objects such as wooden frames, plates, and easels on NAKANISHI's wooden frames and moving and arranging. Through these experiences, one understands the space of the studio. And the act of grasping the space inevitably gives birth to a choreography, and a senography appears. Through the “Choreography of Scenography," a place is excavated and a new meaning is given to a dormant space.

※Natsuyuki NAKANISHI (1935-2016) Artist

He was one of the leading figures in post-war Japanese art. In the 1960s, he formed an art group called “Hi-Red Center” with Jiro Takamatsu and Genpei Akasegawa, and held events and performances. He collaborated with Tatsumi HIJIKATA and other Butoh dancers.

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