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Punched Card Dance Ⅲ 


Video 4min33sec

Consept|Masumi INOUE

Performed|Moeko ISHIGURO, Masumi INOUE, Momoko HIBINO, Haruka MAKINO, Fumi TAKENOUCHI 

Editor|Moeko ISHIGURO

Sound|Momoko HIBINO

In the past, Nishijin Obi shops in Kyoto used a moving jacquard loom with punch cards from France. I used this punch card as a dance score and made a dance that applied the craftsman's movements found in the weaving process to eight counts. Each movements are 1st count "insert the warp into the loom", 2nd count prepare for the shuttle to be put through the weft.", 3rd count "set card ",  4th count "sit on the chair of the loom",  5th count "pass through the weft", 6th count "pull the reed of loom", 7th count "turn the handle", 8th count "check the handle".

The dancers dance the assigned vertical row instructions on the punch card. This movement of the warp that produces the pattern and the dancer is the same as a single warp. In this way, the punch card gets the function of dance score and gives their body the loom rhythm. It is equivalent to creating different impression bands depending on the device and weave of yarn from the same punch card, and "Punched Card Dance" also increases its dance infinitely. In other words, a new "Punched Card Dance" is born by the place to announce and the composition of the participating dancers.

Performed during "Obi vol.04 - About Shoei Dormitory -" 14-17 July 2018.

Based on the previous work, this piece is composed of two dancers.

Two threads trace the invisible weave that stretches across the rooftops of Shoei Dormitory.

Synchronization and entanglement, progression and regression...

An attempt to pay homage to the weavers who lived in Shoei Dormitory.

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Punched Card DanceⅥ



2perfomances / duration 15min

Venue| Obiya-Stematsu・Shoei Dormitory / Kyoto

Consept | Masumi INOUE

Choreographed and Performed |Masumi INOUE, Fumi TAKENOUCHI

Choreography Assistance|Haruka MAKINO

Sound | Momoko HIBINO

In Punched Card Dance I: Trial and II, I used Rudolph von Laban's theory of movement for the vertical axes of the punched card "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8". It is the principle of Effort.

There are eight elements to Laban's Effort action.

1 Dab

2 Glide

3 Punch

4 Press

5 Slash

6 Wring

7 Flick

8 Float

I created a movement based on the above elements and the dancers move in the direction of travel to the rhythm of the metronome.

If a dancer is about to make contact with a wall or viewer, they switch their directions of travel and dance.

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Punched Card Dance Ⅰ: Trial  


Consept・Peformed|Masumi INOUE

Performed | Fumi TAKENOUCHI(12.3)Wakaba HASHIMOTO(12.1)

Venue| ArtSpace 1F, Painting Building, Tokyo University of the Arts

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