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井上 潤美 | Masumi INOUE

Dancer / Artist

lives and works in France

2022- final year student, Bachelor of Dance, Université Paris VIII

2017-2020 Research assistant in oil painting course at the Department of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

2012-2016 MA, Fine Art, Tokyo University of the Arts /Japan

2013-2014 L'école des beaux-arts de Nantes Métropole/France (exchange student)

2008-2012 BA, Oil painting, Joshibi University of Art and Design/Japan

Solo Exhibitions

2023 KAMARADES PELL -遠くの仲間-/Café Arthé/Paris/France

2021 "Voices of Yujuku / Kotoba Sketch" /Yumotokan /Yujuku Onsen/Gunma

2021 Dance⇄Notation / BUKATSUDO GALLERY/Yokohama



2023 AAIP – Artists As Independent Publishers Book Art Exhibition AAIP JAPAN (participated as Primi Pedites)

2023 HYPODERME new skin/Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris /Paris/FR

2023 Les coordonnées : points organiques/Maison du Liban, Paris/FR

2021 ゆうれいたちのソウマトウ - Phantom / Phantasmagoria /Tokyo University of the Arts Exhibition Hall, Masaki Memorial Hall /JP(as a CforS)

2021 Tokyo Geidai Art fes 2021/Online

2019 Horizont and tableaux of the practical archeology at Natsuyuki Nakanishi former atelier / Saruhashi, Yamanashi / JP

2019 The Gunma Biennale for young Artists 2019/ The Musium Of Mordern Art Gunma/JP

2018 Obi vol.04 Shoei Dormitory Stories / Obiya-Stematsu, Shoei Dormitory / Kyoto

     The Wooden House Cultural Week /Kusunoki-sou / Kamiikebukuro, Tokyo

2017 Art in Yujuku 2017/Odaki-ya inn / Yujuku-Onsen,Gunma/JP

    On y va?もう行く? / Kusunoki-soh / JP

2016 Art in Yujuku 2016 / Yujuku-Onsen, Gunma / JP

2015 Shikkuri, Konai , Nantes & Vienna / Tokyo University of the Arts, Video Studio 114 / Tokyo

2014 Obi vol.01 / yuga gallery, Video Studio 114/ Tokyo

2013 Tokyo Art Meeting (III) Art & Music̶ Search for New Synesthesia, Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

  MIZUHIKI-水引 / L,école des beaux-arts de Nantes Métropole / FR

2012 depositors meeting 10/art & river bank/Tokyo

2010 UP TO YA/ Galerie Juillet/Tokyo

Film screenings

2022 Roppongi Art Night 2022 (as CforS) /JP

2021 Jo-kei / Shosuien Hall / Hiroshima/JP


2019 Choreography for scenography / Saruhashi, Yamanashi / JP

2019 The voice of Yujuku, KOTOBA sketch / The Musium Of Mordern Art Gunma/JP

2018 Kikitori Dance Project vol.04 / Jimei Toden Train Park/ Tokyo (Happening)

          Punched Card Dance Ⅳ / Obiya-Stematsu , Shoei Dormitory / Kyoto

2017 Kikitori Dance Project vol.01, 02 / Kusunoki-soh / Tokyo                      

     On y va? もう行く? /Kusunoki-soh/JP

2016 words once used / Art in Yujuku 2016/Sekine-Store, Old road in Yujuku-Onsen, Gunma/JP

     Crossing breath / Art Meeting 2016 -Play in Tabito Forest/ Tabito, Fukushima/JP

2015 「え - が • く」GINGAKU ”The Snow Theater Festival” /Nishiwaga-Ginga Hall, Iwate/JP

2014 JUMP OUT AT THE SCENE/ Tokyo University of the Arts

2013 “wunderkammer IV” Reading×Dance /Chiaki KUSHIDA × Masumi INOUE /Peppers Gallery/Ginza/Tokyo

2012 The Ear, pass through the gate / blanclass@CSLAB by students “Alternative energy” /CSLAB, Tokyo Zokei University


Participated work and Stage

2019 The Way Home /  Directors: Lucas Giordano - Rodrigo Muñoz 

2019 [Agriculture+Art 2019]Mountains whisper as the rivers dance -Move your body and soul-/ Dance Company Nomade~s/ Ohkawa, Ahime/JP 

2018 Crystal-clear shore /Dance Company Nomade~s / Yokosuka City Cultural Hall Organised by Monogatari Cultural Association /Kanagawa/JP

2017 DENKEN-稽える- I've been thinking all day and getting nowhere/ Dance Company Nomade~s/ Shinjuku, Tokyo/JP

2014 "Human 3D printer" by Hideyuki NAKAYAMA Lab of Tokyo University of the Arts / Materializing II Exhibition / Tokyo

2013 Mio SHIRAI work’ s “Overcome the Modernity “ ” Red Queen”

    La traviata/ MIYATA Produced vol.02 Opera Performance/ Mori-no Hall21/Chiba/JP



2020 Pola Art Foundation /JP

2019 Winning a prize in The Gunma Biennale for young Artists 2019/ The Musium Of Mordern Art Gunma/JP

2017 Minakami-Mayor Award, Minakami-city & Tokyo university of the Arts

2016 100th Anniversary Memorial Fumiko Omura Foundation, Joshibi Production • Research Encouragement Prize

2012 The best art work, Joshibi University of Art and Design

2010 Joshibi-Encourage Award


Collective Project ・Grants

2021- Primi Pedites (Sayoko Suwabe, Haruka Yoshino, Masumi Inoue)

2019- C for S (Moeko Ishiguro, Masumi Inoue)

2019, second half  Jissenkokogaku/(Grants) Nomura Foundation 
2012- Obiken, Kyoto & Tokyo / (Grants) Kyoto Bunnkaryoku Challenge 2015 & 2018

Publication (independent)

2022 "Inverted Topography: Between two points at the same distance from the equator" Co-produced by: Sayoko Suwabe, Haruka Yoshino

2021 Voices of Hot Spring/Word Sketch -Notation book-




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